soulfire (chinrest) wrote in wires_australia,

I made a funny

You know you're a W.I.R.E.S. volunteer rescuer/carer when:

* You shop, not looking at the item in the container, but at how you can use it as food tray/storage container

* You walk to the 'feeding station' to make a cuppa instead of your 'coffee station'

* Your kitchen has 'stations'

* 9 - 5 is meaningless

* Your ice cubes aren't ice

* Your coffee supply is as well stocked as your wombaroo products

* You feel compelled to tell complete strangers fascinating facts about Wildlife

* You're broke

* You never finish a coffee before it gets cold (thank goodness for Coke and Pepsi)

* You actually appreciate the roll of a spiderweb

* You're digging for worms like you did when you were a kid

* Half your car is taken up by rescue equipment

* You have an answering machine!

* Your house is a zoo and you wouldn't have it any other way! :)

I make me laugh :p
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