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I had the honour of spending time with a carer and her flying fox the other night. What an amazing creature!! So dog-like in his behaviour...responsive, inquisitive (about my dogs who were drooling) and just so bloody cute! I can definately see why ppl fall in love with them. And those wings! they fold up better than a beach chair! with a lil body of arms and legs, a torso and the cutest lil fluffy head and beedy eyes I've ever seen. And have a go at those wings! they're like thin brown latex with strong, very visable bones and joints.
How special it was to see such a creature and interact with him. I'm not immunised so I couldn't touch..hence a lack of carers/facilities. (immunisation costs around $200-$300 !)

Because their mothers are sooo attentive, these lil guys come into care and bond socially with a carer. Then they start creche (kindy) where they hangout - no pun intended - with other flying foxes so they learn to socialise.

Gradually my friend will pass this lil guy (named Jelly by the 5 yr old who found him)on to another carer who has a group of them so it's all wilded up again before being released. I'm constantly amazed by our wildlife, and I feel so honoured to have had this experience!
They're an endangered species, so every one counts. Last week we (wires members) finally talked Energy Australia to shut off power to an entire suburbian area so we could get a young female pup down from the powerlines. Luckily we got her quickly eniough so she hadn't been zapped. It made frontpage news in our lil local paper. And she was named after the EA woman who got the job done (thanx Tesla!) GO US!! :D

and now for pix....Jelly the flying fox age 7 weeks.

That's a dummy you can see (big dummy, very tiny teat!)

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not the best picture quality, I'm still relying on my phone for these things. But you get the idea. Bloody Amazing!!!

peace out

Souly - your mod :)
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