Den (dewhitton) wrote in wires_australia,

Release Day - 18/11/06

I opened the peewee's cage on Saturday. It took them a while to find the door but once one went the others followed. The two older birds have pretty much gone; I see them hanging around but they want nothing to do with me. The three younger birds flew up into the chinese elm and settled in. They are still hanging around and demanding food onna stick, but they won't get it unless the fly down to me and even then it's food the othe ground. No more food onna stick for them.. Every time I walk outside I get screamed at from on high.

It's a sort-of success: 5 peewees released (Success!) but three are still a bit too tame (not so success)

Now I still have two magpies, a very young peewee and the white-plumed honeyeater to release.

Self Portrait With Peewee

Self Portrait With Peewee Hat
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