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sorry about the replay of posts, but I wanted to move them here so they don't disappear into the www.

Juvie lorri (seen in previous post)came into care 2 weeks 3 days ago. He was in a cage with a Lorri that was passed onto me by another member. She swore the feather loss (of hers) was due to him climbing between the shadecloth and the cage. Well, it actually had beak and feather disease. Only cockatoos and lorrikeets get it. Great, so now my perfectly heathy juvie had been exposed.
I called everyone and consulted the vet, who checked her text books, and there's no record of the incubation period for beak and feather. And she was satisfied that at that time juvie was in perfect health.

SO..I've been watching him, and sure enough, his feathers have started to get tatty and 3 days ago he got lice (they usually attatch to weakened animals) I'm saddend by this cos it means I either keep him in isolation for 12 months while he loses and regrows his feathers (using an entire aviary which I dont have) or have him euthanased. Unfortunately I think he'll be put down today.
As much as it's exciting to have been on this lil research journey, which I'm sure will be usefull, it's gut wrenching cos he was in fine form when he came in. Just breaks my heart I tell ya! That'll learn me to name em!
Fingers crossed for Billy, lets hope the vet thinks I'm wrong!

EDIT: I was wrong! YAY! Billy just has lice so I paid the ridiculously priced stuff and sprayed him today. He's been a bit off his food too so I'm hoping that with the lice gone he perks up a bit more.So..YAY :D
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